2019 AHTE Shanghai International Industrial Assembly and Transmission Technology Exhibition

AHTE 2019

International Congress of Intelligent Automation and Assembly

As an industry event to showcase production and assembly automation integration, feeding and material delivery technology, transmission and handling process optimization and connection technology, AHTE has greatly promoted automotive parts, electronics, household appliances manufacturing, medical, elevator, food, beverage, packaging, new energy vehicles, tobacco and other industries in Asia since its launch in 2006. The automation upgrading and transformation of daily chemical industry has promoted the wide application of new products, new technologies and new ideas, and made the production process of enterprises more systematic, more efficient, more intelligent and lower cost.

Exhibition time: 03-06 July 2019

Exhibition Address: Hall E1, E2, E3, Shanghai New International Expo Center

The exhibition area is expected to reach 40,000 square meters, bringing together 500 exhibitors from all over the world and attracting 80,000 professional visitors.

Focus on the Hot Points of Intelligent Manufacturing Development and Create a One-stop Display Platform for Assembly Integrated Solutions

Intelligent assembly solutions focusing on automobile, electronics, household appliances and other industries

Based on industry 4.0 assembly solution, it provides assembly integration solutions, robotic workstations, robotic intelligent assembly lines for application industries (automotive, automotive parts, 3C, machine tools, household appliances, packaging, medicine, food, logistics, etc.).

Intelligent Production Line Logistics to Promote the Transformation and Upgrading of Factory Logistics

Fully demonstrate the whole logistics solution from assembly line integration to intelligent factory. Create a business platform for intelligent production line logistics solutions and original equipment providers to join hands with system integrators to jointly explore the market and promote more business exchanges and cooperation between the two sides.

Machine Vision Zone - Make a pair of "Wise Eyes" for Intelligence

Centralized display of machine vision technology and overall solutions from intelligent cameras, vision sensors, three-dimensional vision software to embedded vision systems, to help industrial 4.0 development.

Bonding Engineering Zone - Provide the most comprehensive solution for material bonding and joining

Emphasis is laid on the display of bonding, forming, sealing, foaming technology and system solutions, and an efficient technology and business communication platform is built for the original equipment suppliers, system integrators and end users in emerging areas such as automobiles, ICT, robots, 3C, etc.