Yimeide Was Awarded "High-Tech Enterprise" In 2014

In October 2014, Suzhou Yimeide Automation Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the certificate of "High-tech Enterprise" approved and issued by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department and other units.

Under the full support of the company and the specific guidance of the general manager, the company declares the work of high-tech enterprises, which is accomplished by the R&D department, the finance department, the personnel administration department and other departments. Through the implementation of this project, the company has established a scientific and technological project declaration team, improved the company's product scientific and technological project files, established a template for the company's standardized management of scientific and technological projects, and laid a good foundation for further improving the company's overall level of scientific and technological innovation.

The acceptance of this certificate represents the great recognition of our company's technical strength, provides quality assurance to our customers, enhances the enthusiasm of all staff, and marks that our company has moved to a higher level. The acceptance of the technical authority will further stimulate the enthusiasm of all staff for scientific and technological innovation and further increase. Strengthen the comprehensive innovation ability with independent R&D as the core, and enhance the brand status and comprehensive strength of enterprises.