Announcement of Environmental Impact Assessment of Yimeide Automation Technology Expansion Project

According to the Circular of the Ministry of Environmental Protection on the Issue of the Guidelines for the Opening of Government Information on Environmental Impact Assessment of Construction Projects (Trial Implementation), (No. 103, 2013) and other relevant provisions, the construction unit will have a better understanding of the opinions of all circles around the "Automation Science and Technology Expansion Project of Suzhou Yimeide Science and Technology Co., Ltd." To do a good job in environmental protection of this project, the report form of EIA impact assessment (full version) of this project is publicized and public opinions are sought. The publicity period is two working days from the date of publication.

1、General Situation of Construction Projects

Project Name: Automation Technology Expansion Project of Suzhou Yimeide Technology Co., Ltd.

Location: No. 15 Shuangyaoli Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

Project Content: The enterprise intends to invest 30 million yuan in the annual processing of 26 million non-standard automatic control equipment projects.

2、Construction Units and Contact Ways

Construction Unit: Suzhou Yimeide Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact information: 0512-82253128-845

Contact: Du Changhua

3、Name and contact information of environmental impact assessment agencies undertaking evaluation work

Evaluation Institution: Suzhou New Horizon Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

Contact: 13913109269

Contact person: Liu Gong

4、Major matters for public opinion

According to the specific situation of the construction project, this evaluation comprehensively considers the scope and extent of environmental impact and the degree of social concern, and mainly solicits opinions as follows:

(1)Are you satisfied with the current situation of environmental quality?

(2)Do you know/understand the projects to be built in this area?

(3)The degree of harm/impact of the project on the environment;

(4)What is the attitude towards the project and briefly explain the reasons;

(5)What are the suggestions and requirements for environmental protection of this project?

5、Main Ways of Public Opinion

After the relevant information is made public, the public may submit their opinions and suggestions to the construction unit or the environmental impact assessment agency entrusted by it by letter, fax, e-mail or other means. The EIA unit will record the public's opinions and suggestions in the EIS, and reflect the public's valuable opinions and suggestions to the construction unit, design unit and relevant departments of the project.